What’s Art Got to Do with It?

What's Art Got to Do With It title cardWhat’s Art Got to Do with It? explores the current role that art plays in today’s technology-driven society and provides a unique perspective into the fascinating world of creativity and innovation. The hour-long film documents the history of art through inspiring interviews channeling a diverse blend of individuals all holding unique and personal experiences. Including conversations with academics, neuroscientists, business leaders, actors, musicians, painters and sculptors, this documentary explores the transformative powers of art. Discover how each of the individuals interviewed discovered art and how they perceive the value of art in their own lives; in many cases, it has been life-changing.

What’s Art Got to Do with It? will be broadcast on Thursday, December 18 at 8 p.m. on CPTV4U. The film will also air on CPTV on Sunday, December 21 at 10 a.m.

“Many, if not most people, think of the arts in terms of visiting a museum or attending an opera,” said the film’s executive producer, producer and director, Chris Campbell. “But art is actually everywhere. We wanted to explore how individuals experience the arts, even when they may not even be conscious of it. We talked to a wide range of people, including sculptors, academics, business executives and professional performers like Harvey Fierstein, David Hyde Pierce, Richard Thomas and Nile Rodgers. What’s Art Got to Do With It? is a journey to find out why and how – or even if – art makes a difference in the everyday. We hope our audience will rethink their own relationship to ‘art,’ in very new and different ways.”

Film Credits
Chris Campbell – Executive producer, producer and director
Jim Campbell –
Writer and co-producer
Deborah Weingrad –
Co-producer and unit manager


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