Lee Albert (Image courtesy of Gary Gold)

3 Steps to Pain-Free Living with Lee Albert addresses the problem of chronic pain. Based upon 30 years of working with clients, neuromuscular therapist, yoga instructor, and pain specialist Lee Albert has developed an approach using five specific exercises to effectively eliminate the root cause of many painful conditions by balancing the muscles that are responsible for that condition. This approach is effective, easy to do, and requires only a small amount of time each day.

Albert also shares a gentle breathing exercise that has been shown to slow down the “fight or flight” (stress response) in as little as ten minutes. He demonstrates how altering our breathing pattern makes it possible to reduce stress and add more calmness to our lives. The breathing practice will often improve sleep and has been shown to boost the immune system and help with many chronic conditions. And it’s so easy it can even be done in bed.

3 Steps to Pain-Free Living also includes several mindfulness techniques that will help anyone feel better almost immediately. Every thought produces a chemical reaction in the body. By taking a few minutes a day to focus on specific thoughts and images, viewers can learn to make chemicals in their bodies that produce joy and happiness.

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