Connecticut Public Broadcasting is trying something new with our made-for-digital video initiative “Sharing Connecticut”.  Our premiere series is called Amplify and it’s goal is to showcase homegrown Connecticut musicians of all genres filmed in unique, iconic Connecticut locations. These are “pride of place” and “pride of people” stories that demonstrate the breadth and depth of unsung talent and beauty right here in our home. The first series of Amplify features artists of a similar contemporary folk style, and in our next series we plan to expand the diversity of genres to include classical, traditional, jazz and even experimental musicians that make Connecticut their home base.

This new initiative is off to a great start toward meeting our goal of involving the audience in the distribution of the content via social media. In just 2 days time the premiere episode of Amplify was shared on Facebook over 540 times and viewed by nearly 9,000 people!

(NOTE: These are private previews only. Please do not share this content or the password with any other parties.)