WEDH Hartford, WEDY New Haven and WEDW Stamford changed their physical broadcast channel in August, 2019.

All antenna and transmitter work is now complete. In order to receive the new signal, you will need to perform a rescan on your TV so that it automatically selects the new channel, and you may need to repoint your antenna to pick up the signal. For more information on rescanning, click here. You can also view a brochure from the FCC with additional information by clicking here.

CPTV programming will still display as WEDH, WEDY and WEDW on antenna-connected television sets.

This change does not affect anyone who gets CPTV through Cable, Satellite, or Internet. Everyone will still have access to CPTV, statewide.

If you have additional questions, Connecticut Public’s Audience Care Department can be reached at 860.275.7550 or If no one in the department is immediately available, feel free to leave a message, and you will receive a response as soon as possible.