CPTV is excited to announce that it has launched the brand-new television channel CPTV Spirit on Tuesday, August 1, 2017!

CPTV Spirit features more action, edgier journalism and documentaries, and more active ways to feed viewers’ curiosity.

Each evening will feature a different programming “theme,” including:

  • Mondays – Exploration & Adventures
  • Tuesdays – Science & Tech
  • Wednesdays – Indie Films, Documentaries & Big Ideas
  • Thursdays – The Maker Movement
  • Fridays – Film, Arts & Culture
  • Saturdays – Dramedy
  • Sundays – Nature & the Animal Kingdom

CPTV Spirit will be replacing CPTV Sports, and will be available on that same channel location.

For more on CPTV Spirit and other changes to CPTV’s over-the-air and digital offerings, click here.