The remarkable life and legacy of John Soto – the founder of Space-Craft Manufacturing Inc. who sadly passed away on September 21, 2018 – is told in the half-hour documentary John Soto, A Business Life. The film originally aired on CPTV on Thursday, October 11, 2018.

John Soto, A Business Life showcases Soto’s inspiring life story. As a teenager, he arrived alone from Puerto Rico with just $3 in his pocket. Using his innate mechanical talent, his unending drive and his vision for business, he rose to become the founder, owner and president of New Haven-based Space-Craft Manufacturing Inc., which he established in 1970.

The film also explores Soto’s success as a businessman – with “success” defined not solely in financial terms, but in his positive impacts on his co-workers, his fellow entrepreneurs and his community.

The documentary is produced by Connecticut-based, award-winning Puerto Rican director Frank Borres. Borres Productions has collaborated with CPTV on other Emmy- and Grammy-winning Latino-oriented programming, such as Celia Cruz and Friends, Puerto Rican Passages and the magazine-style TV series Vista.