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When your child is considering career options, manufacturing may not seem like a viable industry; but with the advent of new technologies like 3D printing and Artificial Intelligence, manufacturing has grown as the 6th largest employer in the United States and a good source of skill-based and professional careers.

Manufacturing Jobs are in High Demand

demand for skilled workers in manufacturing by 2018
hired directly from community college certificate programs
middle-skill job opening levels between 2014-2024

5 Ways to Explore Manufacturing With Your Child

1. Reconsider some of the misconceptions about manufacturing and research the industry together.

2. Learn about the next generation of manufacturers and the different pathways to manufacturing.

3. Watch Making the Future, Connecticut Public's video series on the young people choosing careers in advanced manufacturing.

4. Encourage your child to attend STEM events and activities around the state.

5. Research manufacturing programs for high school students and graduates.

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