In Season 16 of Midsomer Murders, Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon, pictured right) partners up with a new face, DS Charlie Nelson (Gwilym Lee, Bohemian Rhapsody).

The rural countryside of a fictional county in England provides the backdrop for this long-running crime series based on the novels of Caroline Graham. A lush visual style, quirky characters, and ubiquitous red herrings recall classic public television British mysteries of the past.

Season 16 Premieres in March 2020

See new mysteries from Midsomer Murders Fridays at 8 p.m. beginning March 20, 2020 on CPTV.

About Season 16

Work never slows down for DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon), as he investigates the grizzly murders that plague a picturesque English county in Midsomer Murders, Season 16. This season, Barnaby partners up with a new face, DS Charlie Nelson (Gwilym Lee, Bohemian Rhapsody).

New mysteries include:

“The Christmas Haunting” – It’s Christmas and new detective Charlie Nelson moves into Midsomer. He’s thrown straight into an intriguing mystery in the village of Morton Shallows. A man is fatally stabbed with an antique sword during a ghost-hunting party at a “haunted” manor house. Can Barnaby and Nelson find a more earthly motive behind the murder and trap the killer?

“Let Us Prey” – A series of murders in Midsomer St. Claire seem to be inspired by macabre images on a medieval fresco recently discovered in the church crypt. As the village prepares for storms and flooding, it appears that someone is using ancient torture methods to punish modern-day “sinners.” But who is responsible and why?

“Wild Harvest” – When wealthy farmer Martin Strickland is covered in truffle oil and mauled to death by a wild boar, the investigation leads to restaurant Wyvern House and its tyrannical celebrity chef Ruth Cameron. Secrets from the past surface and the killer strikes again – but the poison spreads wider than its intended target.

“The Flying Club” – When a body is discovered in a reservoir, having been dropped out of a plane, Barnaby and Nelson find the world of stunt pilots and military heroes hides many dark secrets. Are campaigners against the local airfield behind Bernard King’s murder, or does it link back to a tragic story from World War II?

“The Killings of Copenhagen” (Midsomer Murders‘ 100th Episode) – When the boss of Calder’s Biscuit Company is murdered in Copenhagen, Barnaby and Nelson join forces with two female Danish detectives, the abrasive and astute Poulsen and the charming and cool Degn. They discover Eric Calder had more linking him to Copenhagen than just his famous Golden Clusters.

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