CPTV is pleased to announce that PBS programs were honored with 12 News & Documentary Emmy Awards, more than any other organization, at the 38th Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards presentation in New York City on October 5, 2017.

Acclaimed PBS series Frontline and Independent Lens each earned four awards. The complete list of PBS’ News & Documentary Emmy Award winners includes:

A Year in Space
– Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary

Frontline – “Children of Syria”
– Outstanding Current Affairs Documentary

Frontline – “The Choice 2016”
– Outstanding Politics and Government Documentary

Frontline – “Yemen Under Siege”
– Best Story in a Newsmagazine
– Outstanding Continuing Coverage of a News Story in a Newsmagazine

Independent Lens – “Best of Enemies”
– Outstanding Historical Documentary

Independent Lens – “In Football We Trust”
– Outstanding Business and Economic Documentary

Independent Lens – “(T)ERROR”
– Outstanding Investigative Documentary

Independent Lens – “The Armor of Light”
– Outstanding Social Issue Documentary

Nature – “Super Hummingbirds”
– Outstanding Cinematography: Documentary

PBS Newshour – “The End of AIDS?”
– Outstanding Science, Medical and Environmental Report

POV – “Thank You For Playing”
– Outstanding Arts & Culture Programming

To view a complete list of winners, click here.

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