Global Remix: America & The World

Has America lost its preeminent place in the world? Emerging from World War II as the first among equals, the United States became the architect and leader of a series of overlapping international alliances and agreements that relied on cooperation to seed the unrivaled progress and prosperity of the post-war era. But the popular platform of “America First,” which propelled President Trump to victory and symbolized his world view, has effectively shattered that bipartisan foreign policy consensus.

On this edition of the show, a panel of nationally recognized authorities on international affairs examine President Biden’s efforts to rebuild America’s standing in the world and reinvigorate the country’s alliances. In the wake of the country’s most consequential foreign policy election in the post-war era, the panelists also debate how to project American power and how to protect the country from foreign threats.

Panelists include:

  • Richard Haass, diplomat and president of the Council on Foreign Relations
  • David Ignatius, Washington Post foreign affairs columnist
  • Robin Wright, columnist for The New Yorker and senior fellow at the Wilson Center

Where to Watch

This program originally aired on Sunday, August 22, 2021 on CPTV and is now available to watch on-demand above.

It is also available for on-demand viewing at; on YouTube; and on the free Connecticut Public mobile app. (Visit Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the app.)

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