Visit Connecticut’s Capital with Where ART Thou?

On this episode of Where ART Thou?, Ray explores Connecticut’s capital city.

Hartford may be considered the “insurance capital of the world,” but arts and culture are woven into its fabric.

Join us as we stop by the studio of artist Anne Cubberly, whose giant, fantastical puppets are the basis of the yearly “Night Fall” show in Hartford.

I didn’t know what I was doing in terms of creating performance. I don’t know anything about performance, but we created a script and we picked the spot in Elizabeth Park and all these folks involved and we didn’t know what was gonna happen or how many people were gonna show up. And then it was kind of crazy cause a thousand people sort of rolled into the park and sat down.” – Anne Cubberly, visual artist, puppeteer and artistic/executive director of Night Fall

Anne Cubberly, surrounded by her larger-than-life puppets. All photos by Julianne Varacchi, Connecticut Public.

We check in with jazz pianist Damian Curtis at Hartford’s Artists Collective to talk about his craft.

You’re basically, you’re trying to express yourself through music. And it has a lot to do with feeling what you’ve done today, how you ate, what you’re going through — so all that stuff. All that stuff comes out within your playing.” – Damian Curtis, jazz, Latin jazz, and salsa musician, pianist, producer

Damian Curtis talks with Ray about his years as a student at The Artists Collective. 

And we visit the owner of Capital Ice Cream, who serves up sweet treats and community involvement in the shadow of the state capitol building.

And also to be able to just say that, this is our home, no matter where we go from here, we grow from here. This will always be our home base. And really when, when people say ‘Hartford has it,’ I wanna really be a part of what that means that Hartford has it, like Hartford is a gem.” – Chantell Boissiere Kelly, educator and owner of Capital Ice Cream

Chantell Boissiere Kelly, educator and owner of Capital Ice Cream in Hartford, CT.

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Episode Curator: JEFFREY KAGAN-McCANN, Artistic Director and Founder of Pearwater Productions and the Hartford Fringe Festival 
Website (Hartford Fringe Festival) |  Instagram  |  Facebook (personal)  |  Facebook (Hartford Fringe Festival)

ANNE CUBBERLY, Puppet Sculptor, Lead Artist and Co-Creator of Night Fall Hartford  
Website (personal)  |  Website (Night Fall)  |  Instagram (personal) | Instagram (Night Fall) | Facebook (personal)  | Facebook (Night Fall)

DAMIAN CURTIS, Jazz, Latin Jazz, and Salsa Musician, Pianist, Producer
Website |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Website |  Instagram  |  Facebook


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