Where ART Thou? Takes On Greater New Haven

This week on Where ART Thou?, Ray heads to the Elm City! With major universities, museums, and art galleries, New Haven has long been known as a city rich in music, theater and art.

Join us as we spend time with street artist Isaac Canady. He shows us his intricate line and pointillist drawings.

I’ve probably been an artist for as long as I can remember, probably straight out of the womb. It’s done some incredible things in my life. I mean, it’s helped me, basically, heal through an addiction. It supported me while I lived on the streets on some level. So, I mean, it’s been really rewarding spiritually, I think, especially, in many different ways. – Isaac Canady

Artist Isaac Canady uses a simple ball point pen to add shading to his art. He incorporates the technique of pointillism into each of his drawings. All photos by Julianne Varacchi, Connecticut Public.

Ray learns how the Bradley Street Bike Co-op is getting the community back on their bikes.

The community of people who are here, we all act as a big family, and then the customer’s also, I think when anyone walks in the door, they’re kind of brought into the family, even if they’re only here for 20 minutes to fix a problem, and I think we really believe that bikes are more than just being able to get around. They are like a way to connect. – John Martin, Founder, Bradley Street Bike Co-op

From left: Co-director Kai Addae and founder John Martin outside of Bradley Street Bike Co-op.

And artist and activist Salwa Abdussabur tells us about the power of poetry and spoken word. 

There’s nothing like spoken word that captures somebody’s attention, nothing like it. You listen in a different way. It’s like your mind, your heart, and your spirit is listening all at the same time.”Salwa Abdussabur

Artist and activist Salwa Abdussabur performs spoken word at Edgewood Park in New Haven. 

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SALWA ABDUSSABUR, Artist and Activist 

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