Where ART Thou? Takes a Trip to the Litchfield Hills

On this episode of Where ART Thou?, Ray ventures into the hills of Connecticut’s northwest corner to uncover a few hidden gems.

In Torrington, we stop by Five Points Gallery to meet artist and illustrator Jasmine Bailey. She creates bright fantastical creatures that she works into her art and animation.

But I’m never discouraged by how long something takes. In fact, if anything, while I’m doing it, I’m like, ‘This is awesome.’ Because you’re creating something and it’s coming to life right in front of your eyes. And so the journey is difficult, but the end result is really something to be quite proud of.”  Jasmine Bailey, artist and musician

Artist and musician Jasmine Bailey hangs her original artwork on the walls of Five Points Gallery in Torrington. All photos by Julianne Varacchi, Connecticut Public.

The crew captures artist and musician Jasmine Bailey as she talks to Ray about her creative process

Darin Ronning and Travis Messinger left New York City to create a life in the small town of Bantam, creating custom ceramic tiles for clients all around the world. Ray carefully makes his way through Bantam Tileworks to see how they do it.

That’s the fun part. When someone comes with a vision, you know, we get to make it happen.”  Darin Ronning & Travis Messinger, co-owners, Bantam Tileworks

A work in progress at Bantam Tileworks 

And Paula Josa-Jones is an artist who mixes choreography and horses! We spend time on a farm in Cornwall.  

Horses are hot, and some are cooler in their temperament. I brought Izarra into my life. She was very, you know, clearly very hot, but she was really responsive to movement. So I thought, ‘Oh cool, she’s a dancer.’  Paula Josa-Jones, choreographer, author, movement educator, and therapist for humans and horses

Paula Josa-Jones, choreographer, author, movement educator, and therapist for humans and horses, works with her beloved rescue horse, Izarra

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Episode Curator: STEPH BURR, artist, arts advocate, and Executive Director at Northwest CT Arts Council
Website |  Instagram  |  Facebook

JASMINE BAILEY, artist, illustrator, musician
Website |  Instagram  |  Facebook

PAULA JOSA-JONES, choreographer, author, movement educator, and therapist for humans and horses
Website |  Instagram  |  Facebook

Website |  Instagram  |  Facebook

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