Where ART Thou? Visits World-Class Creators in Bridgeport

On our premiere episode of Where ART Thou?, Ray travels to Connecticut’s largest city, Bridgeport.

there’s hundreds of artists, of every stripe. And a lot of people I don’t think realize that when thinking of Bridgeport, but Bridgeport is probably one of the most densely populated cities for artists in the state”   John Torres, graphic designer, lead singer & guitarist for Color Fields, and Where ART Thou? Episode 1 curator

Visual artist & fine body painter, Alicia Cobb, works on a new painting, using her brother, Brian, as her canvas. The two have done hundreds of paintings together. All photos by Julianne Varacchi, Connecticut Public.

This historic seaport city is home to an eclectic mix of world-class artists and performers, many of whom you’ve never heard of, who are dedicated to making art in the “park city.” Join us as we stop by the Arcade Mall to visit with fiber artist and weaver Ruben Marroquin and see a work in progress. Visual artist Alicia Cobb gives a lesson on body painting at her studio in The Nest Arts Factory. And if the walls at Tarquin Studios could talk. We hear some stories from Grammy Award-winning record producer Peter Katis.

I know it came from my hands, but I definitely believe in higher power. I believe that this is a gift that was given to me and I’m just the vessel. So a lot of people will say my art and I feel like it just comes through me because I can’t necessarily explain everything that I created.  Alicia Cobb, visual artist, fine body painter and arts educator

A completed body painting by Bridgeport based visual artist & fine body painter, Alicia Cobb. Alicia’s brother, Brian, served as her canvas.

So we live in such a digital era where everything is computers and screens. And I find that textiles really allow both the artist and the viewer to connect with something, tactile, something real, tangible, and something that they can relate to. – Ruben Marroquin, fiber artist 

Bridgeport based fiber artist, Ruben Marroquin, begins to weave layers of textiles onto a bamboo frame. Many of his pieces take several months to complete.

Tools of the trade on a work table in Ruben Marroquin’s studio in the Arcade Mall. 

I love my job. I would do my job if I weren’t paid for it. If I don’t work for a few days, I, I do sort of itch to get back into the studio. But I guess what’s stressful about this is that when bands come in, it’s not literal life or death, it’s creative life or death – Peter Katis, Grammy Award-winning record producer, and owner of Tarquin Studios 

Peter Katis, Grammy Award-winning record producer, and owner of Tarquin Studios shares with Ray what he loves most about producing records at his Bridgeport based studio.

If these walls could talk. Many bands have recorded at Tarquin Studios. Most notably, Interpol, Death Cab for Cutie, The National and Trey Anastasio. 

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Episode Curator: JOHN TORRES, Graphic Designer / Lead singer & guitarist of Color Fields
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ALICIA COBB, visual artist, fine body painter and arts educator
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TARQUIN STUDIOS – Peter Katis, Grammy Award-winning record producer, owner Tarquin Studios
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