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About the Program:
Getting ordinary people to report suspicious behavior is a difficult task. Most of us are hard-wired to avoid getting involved. Our brains  are wired to conserve energy, creating issues like “bystander bias” (we tell ourselves “someone else will take care of it…”) and “narrative fallacy” (when we talk ourselves into believing “nothing happened on this bus before, so I doubt anything will…”). Find out how issues like this as well as general risk aversion play into why we don’t take action ourselves, even when we really should.

Tune in to When You See Something, Will You Say Something? and learn to identify the suspicious behaviors related to potential terrorist activity. This original documentary also explores the psychological reasons that prevent most people from taking action.

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U.S. Department of Homeland Security

When You See Something, Will You Say Something? is a Connecticut Public Partnership Production. Learn more about Partnership Productions at

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Why are most people reluctant to report suspicious activity?

Learn how the public can multiply the effect of law enforcement.

Vigilance is the key to public safety.