In the BBC’s comedic mystery series Shakespeare & Hathaway: Private Investigators, private inspector Frank Hathaway (Mark Benton) has always worked alone. But Frank isn’t doing so well; he’s out of shape and low on cash. Frank needs a partner. Frank needs ex-hairdresser and people-person Lu (Jo Joyner). He just doesn’t know it yet.

Frank and Lu eventually join forces and form a highly unlikely and hugely entertaining detecting duo. They quickly discover that all is not as peaceful as it seems in their pretty theater town — the mayor is murdered, vengeful lovers stalk the streets, and a magician’s trick fatally misfires. Welcome to Stratford-upon-Avon, where low life criminals get caught up in deliciously high drama!

Season 2 Comes to CPTV

See 10 new mysteries as Season 2 of Shakespeare & Hathaway comes to CPTV. Tune in Thursdays at 8:45 p.m. beginning March 26, 2020.

Episodes include:

  • “Outrageous Fortune” – Lawyer George Gonzalo seeks out Frank and Lu to help a dog that is heir to a vast shipping fortune.
  • “The Play’s the Thing” – The creator of “The Legends of Engelworld” employs Frank and Lu to go undercover as LARP characters.
  • “The Cursed Hand” – Sinister figures are after failed actor Harold Hamworthy because he found a dismembered human hand.
  • “Beware the Ides of March” – When a psychic believes someone is trying to kill her, Frank and Lu discover a host of suspects.
  • “No More Cakes & Ale” – Frank and Lu must find a witness to prove that a man on trial for robbery and assault is innocent.
  • “The Offered Fallacy” – The PIs must clear their names and prove that they are being framed by mysterious doppelgangers.
  • “Nothing Will Come of Nothing” – Lu and Frank delve in to the world of high-stakes gambling at the casino to find a missing gambler.
  • “In My Memory Lock’d” – Frank and Lu set out to discover the identity of a wounded man who has no clue who he is.
  • “The Envious Court” – Frank and a reluctant Lu go undercover as potential new members of a tennis club to solve a case.
  • “Too Cold for Hell” – Frank and Lu must track down stolen goods. The case takes a turn when a dead body is discovered.
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