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About "Common Ground with Jane Whitney"

Common Ground with Jane Whitney is a new series that features deep-dive conversations with the nation’s leading thinkers, leaders and experts around the nation’s most important issues. The 12-episode series explores national public affairs issues from government and politics to the environment and global affairs -- with a mission to inform and inspire communities through shared dialogue and providing thought-provoking suggestions and solutions that capture Americans’ attention. The shows are interactive, designed to allow the expert panelists and the audience to share experiences, perspectives and insights in an effort to build an ongoing conversation that bonds the people together.

Host Jane Whitney is known for her solid news experience “with the human touch.” During a 25-year career in television, Whitney often was heralded for her “earthy sensibility” and her unique affinity for connecting with audiences. She hosted the nationally syndicated TV program "The Jane Whitney Show" for Warner Bros and has anchored broadcasts for PBS, CNN and CNBC. Previously, she was a correspondent for NBC News based in Central America as well as a reporter for "Entertainment Tonight." Her political columns and social commentaries have appeared in The New York Times Magazine, Newsweek and The New York Observer.

Common Ground with Jane Whitney is produced by Conversations On the Green (COG), a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization. Lindsey Gruson serves as the executive producer of the series. He is also a COG volunteer, overseeing the planning and production of the live events and forums that the organization hosts, which are edited for national broadcast by Connecticut Public Television, the show’s production partner.

“Common Ground with Jane Whitney features unique facets about the ongoing story of an evolving America in all its complexity and focuses on issues that reverberate in people’s everyday lives,” said Gruson. “Its long-form panel discussions offer in-depth insights and analysis. By showcasing a multiplicity of voices and providing a platform to the voiceless, the show seeks to perpetuate the democratic principle that out of many, we are one.”

About The Producer

Common Ground with Jane Whitney is produced by Conversations On the Green (COG), a Connecticut-based nonprofit organization that hosts events and forums designed to highlight the ongoing story of an evolving America. Founded on the principle that a shared understanding of issues and a common factual foundation are the keystones of a functioning democracy, COG has carved out a niche within the media world as a forum that promotes voices and viewpoints often excluded from the national conversation. Lindsey Gruson, executive producer of Common Ground with Jane Whitney, is a COG volunteer and oversees the production of COG events and forums.


Twelve episodes of Common Ground with Jane Whitney will premiere on CPTV from May through November 2021 on CPTV.


Each episode will be available to stream concurrent with its television airings on the CPTV Livestream. Episodes will be available for on-demand viewing on cptv.org, as well as at video.cptv.org; on YouTube; and on the free Connecticut Public mobile app. (Visit Google Play or the Apple App Store to download the app.)


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