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Engage in an immersive experience of yoga, meditation, and art to improve mental and physical wellbeing. Discover how the five elements – water, air, fire, earth, and space – inspire a diverse practice guided by empowering intentions. Lana Vogestad, E-RYT 500 and visual artist, leads a transformational journey through atmospheric environments and soundscapes to find your yndi or bliss.

Recent Episodes

Practice For Expansion (Space)

A vinyasa practice outside at night channels the expansive energy of the universe.

Practice For Connection (Space)

The energy of the moon inspires a mindful practice to nurture the body and soul.

Practice For Motivation (Fire)

A vigorous vinyasa practice by a bonfire fuels transformation and motivation.

Practice For Introspection (Fire)

A transformational and insightful yoga practice combines different disciplines of yoga.

Practice To Ignite The Fire Within (Fire)

Practice to improve your core strength and ignite the fire within.

Practice For Stillness (Air)

A breathing exercise followed by a guided meditation for deep relaxation.

Practice For Lightness (Air)

An all-encompassing, gentle practice brings mindfulness to the breath and body connection.

Practice To Orient Yourself (Earth)

A therapeutic and creative spherical practice increases range of motion.

Practice For Groundedness (Earth)

Long-held floor postures for grounding, centering, and relaxation.

Practice For Stability (Earth)

An all-level practice channels the energy of the earth to improve stability.

Practice To Release Tension (Water)

A flowing sequence of hip openers to release anxiety, stress, and tension out of the body.

Practice For Fluidity (Water)

The immersive vinyasa flow channels the ocean to connect the breath with the body.

Practice for Balance (Water)

A tranquil pond inspires focus and balance from seated to standing postures.

YNDI Flow with Hip Openers

Release tension, stress and anxiety in this therapeutic hip opening practice.

YNDI Restore

Connect to stillness in this magical restorative practice immersed in atmospheric music.

YNDI Balance

Improve clarity, focus and determination with YNDI Balance.

YNDI Flow + Meditation

In stillness, you pause, let go of what’s not serving you, to relax and fill up on peace.

YNDI Backbend Flow

A transformative practice that will safely ease your way into healing backbends.

YNDI Awaken & Strengthen

This rhythmic vinyasa yoga class will connect you with stability and resilience.

YNDI Restorative Flow

Connect breath with body in gentle yoga postures and movements to help quiet the mind.

YNDI Fluid Flow

A vinyasa flow practice of different disciplines to make you feel strong and in harmony.

YNDI Heart Opening Flow

This vinyasa practice will strengthen, improve balance, and open your heart.

YNDI Flow Fundamentals

This class will help you understand the postures so you can grow from a strong foundation.

YNDI Flow for the Knees, Back and Hips

A powerful and therapeutic practice to help heal the knees, back and hips.

YNDI Awaken Flow

This fulfilling yoga practice works the body, quiets the mind and nourishes the soul.

YNDI Fusion

YNDI Fusion is an all-level practice that is healing, powerful and fluid.

YNDI Yoga is distributed nationally by American Public Television (APT).

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