Social Media Kits

Connecticut Public provides a selection of social media assets including video files, images, audio files, text and other graphics for our partners to use in their own social media accounts.

These assets can be downloaded directly from this website. You will need a password to access the page. If you need access, please contact Meg Fitzgerald at

Social Media Assets for These Productions:


This year could be one of the most extraordinary years yet for misinformation, claims and counter-claims to spread like wildfire. Media literacy matters more than ever – for adults and their children alike. Fake news isn’t new, but new digital tools make it easier to spread quickly. To spot a fake, you need to be able to dissect breaking news, evaluate partisan content, and use critical thinking skills. Our documentary helps viewers learn to discern fact from fiction in news reports, identify fake news, and evaluate the biases of real news using common sense, critical thinking skills, and an understanding of universal standards of journalism.

Program Premiere: February, 2020