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This is an election like no other. The coronavirus pandemic has drastically reshaped our lives — from how we work, how we teach our children, how we socialize, and, yes, how we vote.

Across the country, and across Connecticut, residents are grappling with not only which candidates to vote for, but whether to vote in person, by mail, on election day, or long in advance. Election workers and public officials are struggling to keep up with the changes brought upon us by the pandemic. And all of this affects different members of our diverse communities in different ways.

Hosted by John Henry Smith, The Vote! A Connecticut Conversation puts the candidates for public office aside and looks at how voting is changing, who is affected by it, and what we are doing to make sure that our election systems will produce results.

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The Vote! A Connecticut Conversation originally aired on Thursday, October 15, 2020 on CPTV.

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