Do you live in the New Haven area?
Do you watch CPTV using an antenna?

If so, this message is for you.

On November 1, 2017, CPTV will cease broadcasting from its WEDY-TV transmitter located in New Haven and will begin broadcasting WEDY-TV from Bridgeport.  This change will affect a small number of viewers in the New Haven area who watch CPTV by using an over-the-air antenna.

This means two things:

  1. You need to perform a rescan on your TV so that it automatically selects the new channel.
  2. You might need to repoint your antenna to pick up the signal.

This change does not affect anyone who gets CPTV through cable, satellite, or internet, nor does it affect anyone outside the New Haven area.

Everyone will still have access to CPTV, statewide.

For more information, call CPTV Audience Care during regular business hours at (860) 275-7550 or by email at

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the channel change occur?

November 1, 2017

Will this channel change affect me?

This change will only affect viewers who live in the New Haven area and watch CPTV using an over the air antenna.  These viewers may need to repoint their antenna in order to receive CPTV’s WEDY-TV signal after November 1, 2017. These viewers will watch CPTV on a different channel number after that date.

I live in the New Haven area and use an antenna to watch CPTV. Will I still be able to watch CPTV?

Yes, you can.  For viewers who use an over-the-air antenna to receive CPTV’s WEDY-TV channel, there may be a need to repoint the antenna in order to receive CPTV’s WEDY-TV signal after November 1, 2017.

If I am affected, do I need to rescan my TV?

On or after November 1, 2017, you will need to rescan your TV so that your TV can find the new WEDY-TV channel.

Do I need to be concerned about this if I have cable TV, DISH, Direct TV, Frontier, or watch via the Internet?

No.  You will watch on the channel you currently use.

Will this change mean that anyone will lose the CPTV service?

No one who currently receives CPTV will lose the ability to continue to watch CPTV.   A small number of people will need to watch CPTV on a different channel.

Whom can I contact with additional questions?

Audience Care will be happy to assist you during business hours at 860-275-7550 or by email at

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