Otter family traveling through an underpass in Singapore (Image courtesy of Bernard Seah)

See the three-part series Wild Metropolis premiering on CPTV Wednesdays, October 2-16, 2019 at 10 p.m.

This natural history series reveals the world’s most extraordinary wildlife living in the newest and fastest-changing habitat on the planet — cities.

It features a diverse cast of animals that are adjusting to this new world better than we could have predicted, not only applying their natural-born skills and abilities to life in the city, but also making amazing physical or behavioral adaptations.

From humpback whales breaching in New York’s Hudson Bay to huge colonies of megabats in Adelaide; from penguins nesting in Cape Town to Burmese pythons living on the streets of Bangkok, explore our most-loved and familiar cities through fresh eyes: the eyes of the animals that live in them.

For more information on the series, including video previews, click here.