Connecticut’s coronavirus positivity rate has reached its highest level since June. Governor Ned Lamont said Tuesday over the past 24 hours it has jumped to 2.4 percent. Yale epidemiologist Dr. Albert Ko said although there is a noticeable spike in the state’s positivity rate, he doesn’t anticipate COVID to spread like wildfire as it did this spring. He told reporters at the official coronavirus briefing, right now the state is working to control smaller spikes, or what he called brush fires. “What we are trying to do is to keep the community transmission below levels of what would be five to 10 new cases per day, per 100,000 population. And much of the state is actually in that situation.” 172 people are hospitalized due to COVID. Officials say this represents two percent of the state’s available hospital beds. Lamont said they still have the same stock of ventilators that were purchased during the height of the pandemic this spring.