On the day Connecticut began phase three of reopening, Governor Ned Lamont announced that towns with high COVID infection rates will soon have the option to roll back to phase two. Lamont announced during his coronavirus briefing the adminstration will update the list of eligible towns every Thursday. Towns could stay in Phase 2 until they get below 15 cases per 100,000 people over a two-week average. It would be up to elected officials in those towns to decide to move back to phase two or continue with phase three. “I’ve heard from a lot of the mayors and I think they appreciate having some discretion in particular circumstances,” Lamont said. “They understand that their town could be at risk and they want more in terms of discretion in terms of being able to keep that pandemic under control within their borders.” Lamont said the decision and details behind this order will be finalized next week. The governor said he would recommend Norwich and New London not proceed with phase three