Because Life’s an Adventure

On August 1, 2017, CPTV introduces CPTV Spirit, a new public media television channel created to help people explore their passions. CPTV Spirit is created for the “doers,” “makers” and “adventurers” who crave more action, edgier journalism and documentaries, and more active ways to feed their curiosity.

Changes to the CPTV Channel Lineup and Digital Video Services:
CPTV Spirit will replace CPTV Sports on that same channel location. The CPTV4U channel will be retired at that time. In addition, CPTV’s PBS Kids 24/7 digital live stream will carry PBS Kids programming on-demand 24 hours per day via, in addition to our existing 11.5 hours of daily television programming.

What kind of programming will CPTV Spirit carry?
CPTV Spirit will maintain our trademark PBS values of curiosity, community and the celebration of all aspects of individuality. CPTV Spirit will follow the mantra that “Life’s an Adventure,” while embracing the weirder, wilder, edgier, sometimes nerdier, action-oriented programming available today.

What is CPTV Spirit’s prime time lineup?
Each day, CPTV Spirit will offer something different. Here are some examples:

Born to Explore

Mondays: Exploration & Adventures
Sample programs include:

  • Born to Explore
  • Globe Trekker
  • Weekends with Yankee
  • Richard Bang’s Adventure with a Purpose
  • The Story of China

The Crowd in the Cloud

Tuesdays: Get Your Geek On!
Sample science and technology programs include:

  • Nova
  • The Crowd in the Cloud
  • Nine Months that Made You
  • Twice Born — Stories from the Special Delivery Unit


Wednesdays: Indie Films, Documentaries and Big Ideas
Sample programs include:

  • Independent Lens
  • POV
  • Frontline specials
  • Reel South
  • Film School Shorts
  • Other special documentaries and series

The Great British Baking Show

Thursdays: The Maker Movement
Sample programs include:

  • Ultimate Restorations
  • Craftsman’s Legacy
  • This Old House Hour
  • Great British Baking Show
  • Programs about extreme arts, building and big, bold ideas

Actors on Actors

Fridays:  Film Arts & Culture
Sample programs include:

  • All-Star Film collection
  • Actors on Actors
  • The Road to Fame
  • Dream
  • Great Performances specials

DCI John Luther (IDRIS ELBA)

Saturdays: “Dramedy”
Sample programs include:

  • 800 Words
  • Marley’s Ghost
  • Luther
  • The Tunnel: Sabotage

Wildest Artic

Sundays:  Commune with Nature!
Sample Nature and animal kingdom programs include:

  • Wildest Arctic
  • Nature
  • West of the West
  • Penguins: Spy in the Huddle
  • Chasing Shackleton

Where can I find CPTV Spirit?
CPTV Spirit will replace CPTV Sports on the same channel. To find the channel location on your cable carrier, visit:

Will there be any change to my regular CPTV channel?
No. CPTV will continue to offer its core PBS and local programming on its existing channel, on cable systems and over-the-air traditional broadcast channels statewide.

CPTV is Connecticut’s primary PBS station, combining essential programs like “Nature,” “Nova,” “Antiques Roadshow,” “PBS NewsHour,” “Masterpiece,” “Great Performances,” “American Masters,” “Frontline” and the best of high-quality history, mystery, ancestry, drama, science, arts and current affairs shows. CPTV is the premiere channel for CPTV’s original local programs such as “Life Lessons,” the “Sharing Connecticut” short video stories initiative, and locally produced music shows like “Infinity Hall Live” and “The Kate.” On weekends, CPTV will continue to offer classic “how-to” shows like “This Old House,” “Martha Bakes” and “America’s Test Kitchen,” as well as “All-Star Movie Classics” on Saturday nights.

You say CPTV4U is being retired. Why are you going from three channels to two?
We know many of our viewers love the programming on CPTV4U, and many of your favorite programs will still appear on CPTV and CPTV Spirit. While CPTV and its affiliate channels have maintained a very loyal following, some CPTV viewers prefer to watch programming on computers and mobile devices and through streaming and on-demand services. Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network, like all broadcasters, needs to respond to how and where our viewers want to watch. For us, that means creating CPTV Spirit to feed the passions of a new generation of public media viewers, as well as creating new digital “channels” that allow viewers to watch programs when and how they wish. And, it means creating new kinds of programming that is “digital first,” for exclusive viewing via social media channels. We have simply redistributed some of our programming resources from traditional television viewing to support our viewers’ desire for expanded on-demand and online viewing experiences.

One important example of this digital programming is the new 24-hour CPTV PBS Kids digital live stream. Children’s viewing habits have also changed dramatically since PBS Kids was established in the early 1970s, and this varies widely across socioeconomic lines. To make our educational programming fully accessible to all children, we are offering a digital live stream of children’s programming through our website platform,

What is CPTV’s commitment to public service?
CPTV has been Connecticut’s statewide public television provider and PBS member station for more than 50 years. During that time, we have served as Connecticut’s source of smart, informative reporting, storytelling and entertainment. We work every day to stay worthy of the trust we enjoy as Connecticut’s premier public media company, and we are dedicated – first and foremost – to serving our public.

As a public service, CPTV must adapt and change with the times to stay relevant for our audience — many of whom support us as members and donors. As we always have, we want to meet our public where they are, and where they need us. We want to be there for families that make a date to gather around the “electronic hearth” to watch an important documentary like Ken Burns’ “Vietnam,” or to shout out guesses about the worth of items on “Antiques Roadshow.” We’re there for the moms and daughters who share a sofa on Sunday night while bonding over dramas like “Victoria” or “Call the Midwife.” We’re especially dedicated to the youngest of our viewers, giving them wholesome, educational children’s programming that sparks curiosity and introduces concepts in reading, math, art, music and movement as well as the positive social values needed to start them on the path to being good learners and good citizens.

How does CPTV provide its services on digital platforms?
However, increasingly our public also includes people who expect to see our programming away from their home living rooms. They stay connected to our content and storytelling by Wi-Fi, mobile devices and computers. So we need to make our programming available on-demand in new ways and new places, accessible on the web, via social media, as on-demand streaming, and, of course, at home in the living room.

CPTV and CPTV Spirit programming will be available for traditional appointment viewing, and many of our programs will also be available on-demand, online and via CPTV Passport, our video-on-demand service.

How do I find out more?
CPTV’s Audience Care staff are available Monday-Friday from 9:00 am — 5:00 pm.
Call them at 860-275-7550.

Are there opportunities to sponsor programming on CPTV and CPTV Spirit?
Yes! Please call Nancy Bauer at 860-275-7202
Email our sponsorship team with questions at

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