More Than a Game is a short documentary that premiered on CPTV in November 2019. It follows a group of men who are middle-aged, but have not outgrown their passion for playing ice hockey. The players gather once a week to compete at Yale’s Ingalls Rink in New Haven. Hailing from a number of different professions, they all share the same enduring love for the sport.

In More Than a Game, the men discuss their common experience of playing hockey as children and young adults. Some went on to coach youth leagues, and some took time away from the sport altogether, but they all found themselves drawn back to competitive play.

The players share what hockey has meant to them throughout their lives – as children discovering their love of the sport, as fathers sharing that love with their own children, and now as older adults who continue to gain so much from it, from physical exercise to a creative outlet to friendship and camaraderie. They’ve had to adapt their style of play over the years as their bodies have changed, but as the film shows, their inspiring dedication to the sport remains the same.