Parents and Teens Behind the Wheel examines where teens form their driving habits and explores the influence of parental behavior on the conduct of newly licensed teens. Throughout the film, independently controlled cameras capture the often nerve-wracking role-reversal as teens assume control of the wheel and the parent adapts to the role of passenger.

This CPTV Original documentary follows five families over the course of six months, documenting the real-life issues they face during the first few attempts at driving. Industry experts also weigh in on the reality of teenage brain development, and teens’ ability to anticipate potential hazards on the road.

In addition, the film introduces three mothers who lost children to car crashes, and whose organization, !MPACT (the Mourning Parents Act), educates parents, teens, and state legislators about the leading cause of death among teenagers.

On CPTV: Tuesday, May 2 at 10 p.m.

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