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New Episode Sunday, Sept. 26 at 6 pm

Encores Tuesday,
Sept. 28 at 11 pm

Common Ground with Jane Whitney is a new series that features deep-dive conversations with the nation’s leading thinkers, leaders and experts around the nation’s most important issues.

Recent Episodes

Women’s Rights Rollback: The New Frontier

Experts discuss women’s rights and the hurdles that remain for full gender equality.

The Threat Within: Homegrown Terrorism

A panel of experts address domestic grown terrorism and what can be done to diminish it.

Global Remix: America & The World

International affairs experts examine efforts to rebuild America’s standing in the world.

Superstars of Tomorrow

A new crop of celebrities is defining U.S. culture. What is the impact on our future?

SCOTUS: Breakpoint?

Expert court watchers examine how the Supreme Court’s verdicts could impact our lives.

Democracy in Color

A panel of experts discuss the role of race and identity in American politics today.

Does Democracy Need a Facelift?

The battle to sustain democracy, which historians consider a major challenge, is explored.

Is Unity the Impossible Dream?

Discover how America can recapture its unity of spirit to overcome its current civic ills.

Life Beyond the Pandemic

Dr. Anthony Fauci leads a talk on life beyond the pandemic and its impact on our lives.

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